Ex-Sun boss Kelvin Mackenzie Wants Apology from Hillsborough Cops

Ex-Sun boss Kelvin Mackenzie Wants Apology from Hillsborough Cops

He wants South Yorkshire Police to apologise for the “vilification” he received in the wake of the Hillsborough tragedy.

Kelvin MacKenzie’s  lawyers have contacted the South Yorkshire force asking for an apology, according to the Beeb.

Mr MacKenzie printed a front page story about Liverpool fans, shortly after the 1989 disaster, headlined “The Truth”. People in Liverpool boycotted The Sun after the article claimed fans pickpocketed the dead and urinated on police.

A police spokesman said Mr MacKenzie was “responsible for the particular headline he chose to run with”.

Ninety-six football fans died as a result of the tragedy in Sheffield.

The Hillsborough Independent Inquiry report, which was published two weeks ago, said there was no evidence to support the allegations in the paper.

Mr MacKenzie says he has been “deeply affected by the affair”.


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