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BBC local radio has made big concessions to corporation acccountants over the last decade. But local radio’s pain isn’t over yet. The suits want another £15 million a year.

BBC bosses have a habit of making ‘salami’ cutbacks instead of grasping the nettle. So, to spare them more anguish, here are a few suggestions. But it’ll take nerve and decisiveness, not characteristics that the Beeb is well known for.

  1. Vacate all local radio city-centre offices and move to cheap, secure out-of-town premises – farm buildings, if they’re right;
  2. Reduce by 75% the capital budget of any new local radio installations by doing things more cheaply;
  3. Encourage more sharing of premises – good job so far;
  4. Halve the amount spent on BBC local radio ‘group’ management;
  5. Outsource off-peak production to campus radio and hospital radio and give charities their own airtime;
  6. Terminate contracts for sports coverage rights – find other ways to cover sport;
  7. Reduce to 7 centres (London, Bristol, Cardiff,  Birmingham, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow) the number of premises (in England and Wales and Scotland) ; retain 90% of current brands;  close down 10% of the stations (use audience record as the only criterion);
  8. Find new ways and new technology to deliver localness;
  9. Make BBC local radio websites commercial.
  10. Get rid of channel 4x and the Asian Network; 6 too.

G & D required.

Thoughts please.

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