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Road deaths: local radio news?

Time to be more ruthless about local news? What do you think?
My question is this: why do local radio newsrooms think road deaths always make good stories?
Local radio has long given news of  so-called “fatal road accidents” and other mini-events an automatic pass into news bulletins? No matter how hum-drum, if it’s “local” it goes in!  To most people,  news of local events  is worthy but boring.  A road death is of consequence to only a tiny number […]

Training for “The Special One”

It’s been around since the early 1920’s. It’s seen off countless challenges for time and attention. And still about 90% of grown-ups in the UK say they listen to the radio every week.
That’s a  fact that surprises almost everyone.
NBS radio journalism students have been learning this week what makes the medium of radio so special.
It’s passive: it doesn’t demand  your  ‘undivided’; you can get on with life whilst you’re listening
It’s portable: you take it anywhere
It’s 1-2-1: it speaks to you […]

Radio Journalism Students Meet Magistrates Courts

NBS radio journalism students are today saying ‘hello’ for the first time to the UK  magistrates courts.
Lectures and exams about magistrates courts are on the schedule this week  and tomorrow they’ll see a magistrates court at work – often described as ‘controlled chaos’.
Radio journalists don’t often report cases at magistrates court because, in the main, cases there at pretty piffling. But it’s important to know how they work and what the reporting rules are.
Magistrates courts are a […]

The Rescuers – the movie!

Beachcombers in Brazil had a day in the sun when they rescued a pod of 30 dolphins, stranded  on the kind of  beach we dream about.
Strong local currents were the problem. Rescuers dragged the dophins by their tails out  to deeper water….and to freedom.
It was all filmed on a phone. Good, opportunistic citizen journalism.
Natch, wildlife experts and marine biologists say the rescuers did everything wrong. But who cares?
To watch the video clip
Not that all this may be  immediately relevant […]

24/7 Sport… on TalkSport

The UK’s only commercial talk station has taken the huge decision to throw out all programming that’s not sport.
The move will highlight its difference with BBC5live’s output with which it has often been seen as the poor relation.
A handful of  presenters and producers may  leave the station as a result of the change. Several NBS news graduates have  forged successful careers at TalkSport over the years.
A total of almost 40 hours of non-sport output each week is to […]

Radio: Another Government Cock-Up?

Governments of all types enjoy meddling in the country’s broadcasting affairs. Almost always they make big mistakes. Call me for a catalogue!
The latest ‘cock-up’  threatens to damage  the goodwill felt overseas towards the UK and her people: it is the decision to switch funding of the BBC World Service from the Foreign and Commonwealth office to the BBC licence fee.
The ‘unseen’ value of the World Service is difficult to estimate. In real terms it costs less than £300 […]

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