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The Things That P**s Off Sports Scribes

Sports broadcasting is, for some, an ideal career. Plenty of NBS graduates have chosen to make their way in it. Who can blame them? Surefire audiences, good stories, big personalities, good money. All the time, we see wannabe sports broadcasters blossom on their NBS radio journalism course into qualified radio sports journos, well able to do the job.
But it’s not all green and rolling hills! Some of the country’s top sports reporters  have been sharing with the world […]

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NME – 60 years old

Still going but still cool? Ever bought it?In its heyday, it was Britain’s biggest music paper but it lost its pole position a few years back. It used to shout at you. Now? Barely a whimper.For young radio presenters and journalists, it was a must-read. Now our NBS radio students never ask to see it.”It’s like watching your gran trying to be cool,” said broadcast journalism student Dan Piper. “Perhaps it’s time to bow out with grace?”
The Guardian’s […]

BBC local radio meets Jon Myers

Like meeting the immovable object?
Former commercial radio entrepreneur, Jon Myers, has delivered his report into the efficiency and value of BBC local radio.
BBC executives are hoping to cut the local radio budget by £15m a year. They’ve asked Myers to come up with some ideas on how. Ironic given that Myers was the man who spent lorry loads of cash on local radio football rights whilst at Real Radio!
Anyways – does the Jon Myers report say anything that […]

How to Boost Night Time Radio Audiences

Most UK radio stations are now automated overnight. It’s easy to do, it’s consistent and it’s hassle free. It also means that your station is in format at all times. But it offers no real benefit to the listener.
Automation makes for really boring radio. It’s repetitive, dull, and uninspiring. When did somebody say there is no audience overnight so let’s not bother?
Local radio has given up completely on at least six hours of output every day. Most […]

Category: BlogPost Date: 9th May 2011

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