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How to Prepare Questions for Radio or TV Interviews

Like everything else in radio and TV, the skill of preparing interview questions will become second nature with experience. If you’re starting out, you might find it useful to read one or two pointers…. (more…)

Leveson could hurt investigative journalism. What do you think?

Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham, thinks some proposals in the Leveson Report could ‘chill’ investigative journalism. Tell us what you think. (more…)

Tips on how to avoid libelling people

There’s a wonderful irony that all journalists are enjoying, namely that celebs are now being sued for defamation. Step forward twits: Sally Bercow, Alan Davies and others! (more…)

Who should be the new BBC Director General?

George Entwistle wasn’t cut out for the job of DG. It took him, and us, only a few days to realise it. So tell me who you think should take over ? By Rory McLeod, National Broadcasting School.

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