Tales from the studios

Funny stories from the world of radio and tv. Send us your best yarns.

No. 27 – The Undergound Car Park

The news director at a radio station in the UK was a big, big personality.  He had a reputation for running his newsroom along military lines. He could be inspiring, affectionate, imaginative, funny and constructive – sometimes. At other times, he was impulsive, rash, unfair, and a bully. He liked a drink, women too.

For years, he had had an on-off affair with a well-known TV personality  who had switched to radio to start a new career working for him. She was beautiful and lovely.

Occasionally, they would disappeared together – no explanations – for a couple of hours.

It wasn’t long before their absences triggered the interest of his reporters. A group  of them followed the lovebirds to an underground car park in the city centre. Hiding comically behind a concrete pillar, they witnessed the news director and his mistress climb into her battered old car and watched their vigorous activity  fog up the windows. The car began to rock.

Then disaster. Catastrophe. From clinch and kiss, the news director looked up and glimpsed a figure darting back behind the pillar. Disentangling himself  in an instant, he threw open the car door and, in a flash, he had yanked open the old car’s bonnet. Then, loud enough to be sure that he could be heard, and despite his well-known inability to deal with anything mechanical, he shouted to his mistress: “You can start her over now.” But  the cupboard was bare! Crestfallen, he realised slowly that VW Beetles kept their engines in the boot.

PS. Send us your favourite tale about radio or television. When we have enough, we’d like to publish them to raise funds for Help for Heroes. References to people and places will be changed to avoid libels!

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