Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the NBS (“the School”), revised at November 2017.

1.     Enrolment, Fees, Expenses

1.1.  The School reserves the right to refuse any applicant enrolment to its courses without providing a reason;

1.2.  The School  has the right to see any documentation that is in connection to an application in which event an applicant must provide that documentation;

1.3.  The School has the right to require proof of an applicant’s standard of oral and written English and to refuse enrolment to those whose skills in this respect are judged by the School to be inadequate;

1.4.  The School does not accept applicants who are younger than 16 years of age at the date of the commencement of their course;

1.5.  All applicants who are offered a place on a course are required to pay a deposit of 15 per cent of the stated course fee + vat in order to book a place;

1.5.1.  Failure to pay the correct deposit will result in places being offered first to applicants whose deposits have been received;

1.5.2. The School will repay a deposit only in the event of a course being cancelled ;

1.5.3. Except for clause 1.5.2. a deposit will not be refunded or repaid, either in part or in entirety;

1.5.4. Before an offer of a place is confirmed by the School, the balance of the course fee is required to have been paid in full at least three weeks prior to the commencement of the course;

1.5.5   In the event of a student witholding payment of part or all of the course fee the School reserves the right to: –

  1. commence legal proceedings against the student;
  2. to ask the student to leave the course;
  3. be  refused enrolment to the School or;
  4. be asked to leave a course;
  5. not be awarded the School’s diploma or certificate or;
  6. or any or all of the above;

1.5.6. A student may not receive the School’s Diploma or Certificate if fees remain unpaid in part or in entirety;

1.6.  A  student who leaves during the course for any reason will not receive a refund or compensation and the School shall not be liable for any refund;

1.7.  The School is not liable for expenses incurred by students.

2.    Course  cancellations

2.1   The School reserves the right to cancel at any time any course for whatever reason in which event:

2.1.1  The School shall offer to refund to applicants all fees paid or shall offer applicants who have paid fees to the School, in whole or in part, the  opportunity to join a future course at a discount of 10 per cent on the stated course fee;

2.1.2  The School shall not be liable for any other claims of costs by applicants.

3.    Copyright

3.1.  All material made by students during the course shall be the copyright of the School;

3.2. All learning materials used or distributed by the School are the copyright of the School and may not be copied or used except by the written permission of the School;

3.3. The School’s logo and marketing materials are the copyright of the School and may not be used without the written consent of the School’s directors;

4.    Standards and Behaviour

4.1.  Students are expected to attend the School during the hours defined by the School; failure to do so will exempt the School of any responsibility in the event that a student fails to meet the standard required to obtain an NBS Diploma at the end of the course;

4.2.  The School reserves the right not to award certificates to students whose work is judged to be below the School’s required standards or to students who  have been asked to leave the course for reasons stated in 4.3 or to students have failed to pay their course fees ;

4.3.  The School  reserves the right to remove from the School, without arbitration and liability, any student who:

4.3.1.  Has taken drugs or is found to be carrying drugs illegally or

4.3.2. has stolen or deliberately damaged School property or

4.3.3. has breached normal standards of behaviour and courtesy;

4.3.4. has breached the School’s copyright;

5.    Provision of Training

5.1.  The School will endeavour to provide training at the stated venues but the School reserves the right to change the training venue as required.  The School will endeavour to notify students of any change in venue as soon as is reasonably possible; such change of venue does not constitute a breach of contract and does not give a student the right to terminate;

5.2.  The School reserves the right to employ third party services in the delivery of training.

5.2.1. Comment and opinions expressed by course tutors are entirely those of the individuals and do not represent the views or opinions of The School.  As such, The School accepts no responsibility for the comments or opinions expressed by course tutors.

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