The Rescuers – the movie!

Beachcombers in Brazil had a day in the sun when they rescued a pod of 30 dolphins, stranded  on the kind of  beach we dream about.

Strong local currents were the problem. Rescuers dragged the dophins by their tails out  to deeper water….and to freedom.

It was all filmed on a phone. Good, opportunistic citizen journalism.

Natch, wildlife experts and marine biologists say the rescuers did everything wrong. But who cares?

To watch the video clip

Not that all this may be  immediately relevant to you, dear reader. Except to say that a look at a number of commercial radio websites shows that none carried this story and clip.

Babies and ‘cuddly’ animals. You can’t go wrong.

Given the amount of time and effort that stations devote to their sites, better editorial judgements might be wise.

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