The Things That P**s Off Sports Scribes

Sports broadcasting is, for some, an ideal career. Plenty of NBS graduates have chosen to make their way in it. Who can blame them? Surefire audiences, good stories, big personalities, good money. All the time, we see wannabe sports broadcasters blossom on their NBS radio journalism course into qualified radio sports journos, well able to do the job.

But it’s not all green and rolling hills! Some of the country’s top sports reporters  have been sharing with the world their pet hates. They’re the Guardian newspaper men and women who, day in day out, write brilliantly about football. So what gets up their noses? What turns these happy scribes into ‘Grumpy, Old Reporters?’

  • People who moan about stadiums with running tracks. Richard Williams
  • The extent to which broadcasters who have paid billions to show Premier League football kowtow to players and managers in post-match interviews. Paul Doyle
  • International teams being managed by foreigners. Owen Gibson
  • The refusal of the game’s governing bodies to use video technology. Jamie Jackson
  • Newspaper marks-out-of-10. Paolo Bandini
  • Goals in the last minute of extra-time. David Hytner
  • People being perfectly fine about players ‘winning’ penalties. Louise Taylor
  • Kicking the ball out to get attention for an injured player. Sid Lowe
  • Playing loud music when a goal is scored. Andy Hunter
  • Drum and bass instruments at grounds. Daniel Taylor
  • Half-time marriage proposals. Sachin Nakran

The Guardian’s football scribes explain themslves

Your pet hates please.

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