Training for “The Special One”

It’s been around since the early 1920’s. It’s seen off countless challenges for time and attention. And still about 90% of grown-ups in the UK say they listen to the radio every week.

That’s a  fact that surprises almost everyone.

NBS radio journalism students have been learning this week what makes the medium of radio so special.

It’s passive: it doesn’t demand  your  ‘undivided’; you can get on with life whilst you’re listening

It’s portable: you take it anywhere

It’s 1-2-1: it speaks to you because it treats you as ‘special’

It’s a shared experience: it’s on in the shop, in the car and at work

It’s Master of the Universe: a few well chosen words will take you anywhere, any time – without even leavin’ your chair

It’s accessible: join the debate, share your story, radio is a place to join in

It’s trusted: more than any other medium? Lots of reasons why.

It’s immediate: it still is a ‘now’ medium

It’s got variety: whatever you like, it’s on your radio

It’s cheap: buy a tranny for as little as £3.00 and stay entertained for years

Beat that for specialness!

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